“Amazing presenter. Very effective. This event was fantastic.”

–Attendee Survey,  ESCO Women’s Network–

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Interactive, practical, and thought-provoking

Rachel delivers engaging presentations full of useful communication skills. After Rachel’s speaking engagements, the #1 thing audience members say is, “I can use this right away!” And they do! They speak up, listen, improve working relationships, and move their careers forward. That’s the magic of nonverbal communication: simple, practical shifts lead to dramatic long-term results. 

Presentation Topics

Presentation Topics

Make Your Mark: Practical Tools to Expand Your Personal Presence

How do others perceive you? Learn the four components of presence and mindfully choose how to present yourself in each area. Develop skills that make you look, sound, and feel more confident and credible.

Flexible Communication: Adapt Your Approach for Improved Results & Rapport

Expand your communication repertoire to build rapport with others and deliver your message with greater impact. Discover how to pick up on nonverbal cues from others and adapt your style. Have fun mixing and matching techniques to hilarious effect—and learn about yourself in the process.

Presentation Skills for Business: Deliver High Impact Talks with Confidence

Present yourself and your message in a way that makes a positive, memorable impression. Discover how to get and keep an audience’s attention, nonverbally “mark” key points, handle nerves, and convey authenticity and confidence.

Manage Your S.E.L.F. in Times of Change & Crisis

When work piles up and stakes are high, how do you keep up your energy and motivation? Typical advice includes “work less” and “reduce stress,” yet sometimes those solutions seem impossible. In this honest, yet encouraging, presentation, learn skills that ease the burden without adding to your “To Do” list.

How to Give Bad News: Skills that Depersonalize Conflict & Preserve Relationships

Simple, purposeful nonverbal communication techniques can diffuse tension, preserve relationships, and provide a clear path forward. Practice handling difficult situations with poise and delivering information directly without escalating emotions.

The Language of Leadership for Women

Do you ever wish you had magic words that would transform you into a respected, credible, confident leader? Well, I’m still working on that. But in lieu of magic, this presentation provides numerous verbal and nonverbal skills that communicate and demonstrate leadership. By the end of it, you will look, sound, and feel different—almost like magic!

Rachel says,

“I love how concrete nonverbal communication is. In my webinars and workshops, I share practical skills and opportunities to try them out. There’s no use learning something new if it will be immediately forgotten. I bring the skills to life through stories, demonstration, experimentation, and practice, providing an interactive experience that leads to real, lasting change.”

What participants have said about Rachel’s Presentations

“I really enjoyed this presentation. Thank you for providing practical and useful tools that can be used right away.”

“I enjoyed Rachel’s positive, friendly attitude. I was amazed by how much I communicate to others through nonverbals, and I can see now how people react differently when I focus on good nonverbals. It was a much needed eye-opener. Thanks!”
“Amazing presenter. Very effective. This event was fantastic.”
“This was awesome. I learned a ton in an hour.”

“I had the pleasure of hearing Rachel speak at a recent event for female executives and leaders. I was impressed with her presentation’s skillful balance of practical, concrete advice and heartfelt, thought-provoking ideas. I learned a lot and I highly recommend her!”

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