“If there is a mismatch between your verbal and nonverbal communication, people always trust the nonverbal message. With excellent nonverbal skills, you can increase your confidence, your credibility, and change your life.”

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Everything you want in life requires communication. Do you want a promotion? A new client or sale? Deeper, stronger relationships? Do you want to speak up in meetings or stand up to bullies? To be seen and heard and valued? To deliver compelling presentations? It all comes down to communication. When you coach with Rachel, she’ll give you honest feedback and practical tools so you can present yourself and your message with confidence, warmth, and skill.

Nonverbal Communication. What is it?

Before you speak a word, you send a message. Through your voice tone, posture, gestures, use of eye contact, and even how you breathe, you can convey confidence, attention, warmth, and credibility. Sometimes all it takes is a few key adjustments to change the direction of your life.

Are you ready to change your life?

“Thanks for 21 days of the best kick ass, motivational and impactful words of encouragement. I haven’t felt this motivated in a very long time.”

Every day I will send you one idea, mindset shift, or communication skill that you can use immediately. You’ll experience just the right blend of practical tools and motivation, every day!

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“It’s just the right amount of ‘You’ve got this; you can do it!’ that I need to start my day.”
“Really fun three weeks.”
“Well written, informative, helpful.”
“Your message is encouraging and inspiring all at once.”
“Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience these 21 days of the best kick ass, motivational and impactful words of encouragement. I haven’t felt this motivated in a very long time.”

 “Interactive, practical, and thought-provoking”


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Do you need a speaker for an upcoming event? One that can engage your audience and share actionable tips and techniques that can be used right away? You’ve found her! Rachel delivers keynotes and workshops.



2 Neglected Nonverbal Skills on Video Calls

2 Neglected Nonverbal Skills on Video Calls

Nonverbal communication includes much more than simply body language and facial expressions. While many of those cues can still be picked up over video, a few key components fall by the wayside. Here are some tips on bridging that gap.

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